Captive of Her Pervy Boss – Rachel Adams and Jolene Hexx



Captive of Her Pervy Boss starring Rachel Adams and Jolene Hexx
Rachel is the perfect victim and Jolene is a cruel villain in this hot stocking foot damsel scene. Rachel makes the mistake of telling boss Jolene that she’s noticed some missing money. Jolene grabs her. Rachel ends up tightly bound. Jolene gags her and leaves her to struggle. After a while, Rachel slides out of her shoes but still can’t free her ankles. She tries to hop to safety but Jolene catches her. She humiliates her victim by rubbing her feet all over Rachel and verbally taunting her. To Rachel’s horror, Jolene decides to keep her around for a while. A few minutes of fun outtakes are included. 19 minutes. Scene #BG0849

HD MP4 1920×1080 880MB

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