Captive of a Fugitive – Jackie Hoff and Agatha Delicious


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Captive of a Fugitive starring Jackie Hoff and Agatha Delicious
Jackie is cute as hell. She’s bound and gagged by sexy Agatha in this exciting damsel in distress scene. Jackie runs a boarding house. In Clip 1, she rents a room to mysterious traveler Agatha. When Jackie hears on the news that Agatha is wanted by the police, she tries to flee but Agatha catches her and binds her with tape. She taunts the helpless Jackie as she gags her with packing and tape. Left alone, Jackie struggles but can’t get free. Slipping the shoes off her stocking feet, she tries to hop away but Agatha grabs her. Agatha torments Jackie, fondling her and threatening to take her with her when she leaves. She then picks Jackie up and carries her off. Clip 1 ends with a few fun outtakes. In Clip 2, Jackie is brought into the bedroom. Agatha strips her and cruelly tears her pantyhose off her body. Jackie ends up tightly bound with strips of shiny cloth. Agatha humiliates her victim, groping her body and telling her all the things she wants to do to her. Agatha’s boyfriend shows up to give her a ride and he thinks it’s to dangerous to take Jackie with them. So, Agatha hogties Jackie and leaves her there struggling helplessly. Clip 1 is 22 minutes.  Clip 2 is 15 minutes. Scene #BG0862

HD MP4 – 1920×1080
Clip 1 – 850MB
Clip 2 – 600MB

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