Captive Cavegirls – Celeste Star and Karlie Montana


Captive Cavegirls starring Celeste Star and Karlie Montana
Celeste and Karlie look incredible in this bondage scene that is made more interesting by the unusual costumes. Karlie is an actress waiting to do a scene in a movie about cavegirls. In her hot outfit and bare feet, she dances sensuously. Fellow actress Celeste enters and starts ordering Karlie around. Karlie gives Celeste a drugged drink and Celeste passes out. Karlie plays with her for a bit, ties her up and gags her then plays with her some more. Celeste wakes up and is very unhappy. She squirms and struggles as Karlie continues to fondle and taunt her. Celeste is stripped naked for some sexier groping. A scary guy enters and soon Karlie is tied with hands over head and gagged. Celeste, still bound and gagged, whimpers on the couch. Later, Celeste is bound standing next to Karlie. The first half of the outtakes are shots of Karlie dancing. The second half is footage of the girls tied and gagged. Scene #BG0660

MP4 1280×680. 30 minutes. Outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set has 80 photos.

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