Can’t Resist Her Hair – Celeste Star


Can’t Resist Her Hair starring Celeste Star
Villain Tim is obsessed with Celeste and her stunningly beautiful hair in this hot scene that was shot as a custom. There are 3 scenarios. In the first, Celeste has been hypnotized by obsessed fan Tim. He sniffs and plays with her flowing hair. He snaps his fingers and she falls asleep in his arms. He orders her to brush her hair while he soaks a cloth with chloroform. He applies the cloth to Celeste’s face. Though in a trance, Celeste struggles a little before passing out in Tim’s arms. He moves her to the couch where he sniffs and caresses her hair. When she awakens, he chloroforms her again. In the second story, Celeste talks to her friend on the phone, telling her about a creepy guy who has been stalking her. Tim enters silently, sniffs Celeste’s hair and soaks a cloth. When Celeste hangs up and walks away, Tim grabs her and knocks her out with the chloroform. He puts on the couch and sits behind her so he can enjoy her hair. When she wakes up, he knocks her out again. In the third story, Celeste comes for a shoot with photographer Tim. He uses a cloth to fix her make up. But the cloth has chloro on it and Celeste starts to fall asleep. Then he applies the cloth and knocks her out cold. Sitting with her on the couch, Tim enjoys the fragrance of Celeste’s exquisite hair. She wakes up and is chloroformed again. The excellent outtakes contain lots of extra footage from the chloroform scenes. Scene #KOB0580

32 minutes. The outtakes are 10 minutes. The photo set has 255 photos. 1280×680.

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