Can’t Keep Her Down – Charlie Laine


Can’t Keep Her Down starring Charlie Laine
Superheroine babe Black Diamond shows up at the bad guys hideout looking to capture him once and for all. Too bad he is prepared. The villain sprays her with knockout spray and strips her nude, revealing both her incredible body and her secret identity. She wakes up tied to a chair and the scumbag tells her it is time for a knockout fest! The bad guy likes to vary his instruments of havoc, so he switches between knockout spray and a club. He repeatedly puts her back to sleep with a spray in the face or a blow to the head each time she wakes up. The villain has a weakness for feet so he plays with Diamonds while she is unconscious. When she wakes up again, he knocks her out with some chloroform to buy himself an extra bit of playtime. 13 minutes. Scene #SHKO0020

MP4 640×480

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