Calming Her Nerves – Karlie Montana and Stacy Burke


Calming Her Nerves starring Karlie Montana and Stacy Burke
Karlie runs into her friend Stacy in the break room at work and tells her that she’s nervous because she’s up for a big promotion and has to do an interview. Stacy is jealous and tells Karlie she can help by putting her in a trance her. Karlie is reluctant but agrees to do it. Stacy swings a shiny watch in front of Karlie’s face and, talking to her in a soothing voice, put her in a trance. Once Karlie is under her control, Stacy commands her to tell her all the gossip she knows. Karlie tells Stacy all the dirty little secrets she knows about her fellow employees. She then orders Karlie to become a sexy porn star. Stacy takes photos as Karlie strips and models her hot body. She then commands her to get dressed again and to go to her interview…but she also tells her to strip naked during the interview! 13 minutes. Scene #STR0121  MP4 640×480

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