Cali Kidnapped – Cali Logan and Sinn Sage


Cali Kidnapped starring Cali Logan and Sinn Sage
Cali and Sinn are riveting in this explosive bondage scene! Cali is seated on a chair in the dark, wearing just a cute nightshirt. When the lights go on, Cali is terrified. She has been kidnapped and her abductors, Sinn and Donovan, order her to make a video message for her parents. With the camera rolling, Cali pleads with her family to pay the ransom. She is then tormented and intimidated by her captors, who discuss how they will bind and gag her. In a small bathroom, Cali is securely bound with lots of rope…even her elbows are tightly bound. Despite her sincere pleading, Donovan packs her mouth with cloth and tapes her up. Then, he takes a moment to fondle her luscious body and tits. Left alone, Cali struggles hard. Later, Donovan returns and cruelly gropes the tender flesh of his helpless, horrified victim. Sinn catches him in the act and is pissed. They force Cali to hop to the bedroom and, after sending Donovan away, Sinn begins to grope and fondle the perplexed Cali. The fondling become more intense when Sinn cuts off Cali’s shirt and panties. Later, Cali is dressed in a very hot red bra and panty set with stockings and heels. She is bound standing with hands over her head. Sinn, who also looks incredible in short skirt and boots, gags Cali with packing and a cloth pulled tightly between her teeth. While Sinn roughly gropes Cali, she tells her a secret…the kidnapping has more to do with her lust for Cali than with her lust for money! Sinn continues to fondle Cali all over while she torments her psychologically by telling her what her life will be like as Sinn’s slave. But, Donovan overhears what is going on. Later, Sinn leaves poor Cali in a closet, bound with lots of elastic bandages. A bandage over her mouth silences her pitiful protests. Sinn is so excited by her own cruelty that she sits in the living room masturbating while her helpless victim struggles in the closet. Donovan confronts Sinn and guns are drawn. Cali listens as gunfire erupts! What will happen to poor, helpless Cali?! The excellent outtakes include plenty of footage of Cali being bound as well as some unused takes. Scene #BG0548

MP4 640×480 38 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set has 106 photos.

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