Cali Gets Chloroformed – Cali Logan and Loren Chance


Cali Gets Chloroformed starring Cali Logan and Loren Chance
The beautiful and popular model is knocked out and fondled by evil Loren in this hot scene. Cali, looking great in jeans, tight top and boots, is nervous about testifying in an important trial. Loren spies on her and prepares some chloroform. She puts a cloth in a plastic bag and pours the chloroform into the bag. When Cali gets up to leave, Loren sneaks up and clasps the rag over her face. Cali fights Loren but eventually her eyes roll back and she goes limp in Lorens arms. Cali is dragged to the couch. Loren gets bored and decides to have some fun. She manipulates Cali’s body, her face and her lifeless limbs. Pulling Cali’s top off, she fondles her breasts. She then removes Cali’s boots to play with her socked feet, then her beautiful bare feet. Cali’s jeans are pulled off, leaving her in just cute panties. When Cali awakens, she staggers into the bathroom where Loren chloroforms her again. Cali is dragged to the bed for some more groping. Awakening again, Cali is pushed against the wall and knocked out with the chloroform one more time. Included with the scene are about 2 minutes of outtakes. Scene #KOB0412
36 minutes. The photo set contains 144 photos. MP4 640×480

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