Cali Chloroforms Charlie – Cali Logan and Charlie Laine


Cali Chloroforms Charlie starring Cali Logan and Charlie Laine
Two of our most popular models star in this fun scene. Cali is worried that her roommate Charlie will try to steal a modeling job from her. So, she soaks a rag in chloroform and, when Charlie least expects it, Cali clasps the cloth over her mouth. Charlie fights hard but the drug is too much for her and she falls unconscious in Cali’s arms. Cali places her lifeless friend on the couch and plays with her. She fondles her gorgeous body and strips her naked. When Charlie wakes up, Cali chloroforms her right on the couch. Scene #KOB0413
15 minutes. The photo set has 65 photos. MP4 640×480

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