Burning Down the House – Darby & Nina Neon


Burning Down the House starring Darby and Nina Neon
Nina and Darby are sexy, sneaky detectives in this thrilling scene. The girls sneak into the home of a dangerous psychopath. The psycho sneaks up behind the girls and hits them over the head with bottles, knocking them completely unconscious! Then, they awaken tied to chairs and cloth gagged. The bastard spreads gasoline around the girls and then lights a match. The room bursts into flames and the girls struggle to escape. The fire is created using some pretty exciting special effects (the fire only appears in the video, not in the photos). It is a very fun scene. Outtakes feature on camera tying of the models by Loren Chance. Scene #KOTI0011

14 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. The photo set contains 95 photos. Because the fire effect was added during editing, the fire is not seen in the photos. MP4 640×480

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