Brooke Chloroformed and Carried – Brooke Johnson


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Brooke Chloroformed and Carried starring Brooke Johnson

The stunning brunette is knocked out and groped by a scary intruder in this hot scene! Brooke comes home, unaware that Victor is hiding in the house. He grabs her and chloroforms her. Once she’s unconscious, Victor picks up Brooke like she’s a doll and cradle carries her to the sofa. He plays with her body then strips her down to her pantyhose so he can grope her luscious body. When Brooke awakens, she weakly fights Victor and staggers away. He grabs her and chloroforms her into unconsciousness before picking her up and carrying her away.  A couple of minutes of outtakes follow, including alternate edits of the first chloroforming. 12 minutes. Scene #KOB0763

HD MP4 1920 x 1080 613MB

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