Bounty Hunter Bound – Daisy Marie


Bounty Hunter Bound starring Daisy Marie
Daisy stars as a sexy and foul-mouthed bounty hunter in this action-packed bondage scene. No hunter ever looked better in tight jeans and black leather stiletto boots! First, she busts into a criminals house with the intention of bringing her to justice. Instead, a surly thug grabs her from behind and hand-gags her. Daisy fights and curses as he throws her down on the bed and ties her up, putting a shiny black tape gag over her mouth. Left alone, Daisy fights against her bondage and tries to hop away, but the thug returns before she can get very far. He drags her back to the bed, strips off her shirt and bra, and gropes her exposed tits and sweet ass. Daisy is tied in an armchair entirely naked with her hands over her head and a cleave gag muffling her whimpers. She struggles and fusses so much that the thug returns to harrass her. He viciously grabs her breasts and forces her legs open, then spanks her ass. The thug enjoys tormenting Daisy so much, he decides to keep her around for awhile. The outtakes feature extended footage of off-camera tying and candid conversation between Daisy and the rest of the crew. See Mary Jane in action, tightly tying Daisy on the bed and in the chair! Scene #BG0131

17 minutes. The outtakes are 6 minutes. MP4 640×480

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