Bound in the Stockroom – Cory Lane


Bound in the Stockroom starring Cory Lane
Cory is at her helpless, vulnerable best in this thrilling crime scene. Secretary Cory is sitting in her office, dressed in sexy office attire, when coworker Dick comes in to chat. Dick shocks Cory when he reveals his plan to steal the money from the company safe and leave her tied up and gagged in a storage room for several days. He binds her tightly with duct tape and leather straps. She looks amazingly scared and helpless as he stuffs a wad of packing in her mouth and gags her with more duct tape. She is left alone to struggle and whimper futilely. Her shoes fall off as she rolls around inside the tiny room she has been left in. Later, Dick returns from his successful robbery and unties Cory. Just when she thinks her torment is over, Dick orders her to strip naked. She pleads with him but he is quite insistent. He forces her to gag herself with her pantyhose, then he binds her to a chair with tons of rope. In order to assure she stays quiet after he makes his stealthy getaway, he puts another bandage gag over the dirty pantyhose stuffed in her mouth. He maliciously leaves her to struggle, frightened and naked in the tiny room with no hope of being saved for four days. Scene #BG0207

The scene is 23 minutes. MP4 640×480

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