Bound for Terror – Anastasia Pierce and Tiffany Taylor


Bound for Terror starring Anastasia Pierce and Tiffany Taylor
Anastasia and Tiffany are subjected to extreme humiliation and torment by two brutal criminals. First, wearing business skirt outfits, the girls are marched into the villains hideout and are forced to their knees. They are told that they will be held captive there but they are not told why. Then, each villain chooses a girl to torment, creepy psycho Steve takes Tiffany to one room, and violent Liam takes Anastasia to another. Both girls are cruelly fondled and threatened and their clothes are cut off their bodies. Later, the girls are tied spread-eagle, side by side on a bed, with their mouths taped. The guys fondle and torment the girls some more. Finally, the girls are horrified to learn that they will be kept there indefinitely to serve the needs of their vicious captors. All the actors are excellent and the scene is exciting and well-directed. 30 minutes. Scene #BG0112
MP4 640×480. 
The photo set contains 100 photos.

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