Bound by a Brat and a Bitch – Lux Lives and Little Jay


Bound by a Brat and a Bitch starring Lux and Little Jay
Jay and Lux do an incredible job at humiliating you in this hot POV scene. The girls were looking for a ride and you pulled over to help. Now, you’re lying on the floor of your home, bound and gagged. The girls return and tell you about all the stuff they stole from you. They cruelly taunt you for foolishly being nice to them. They talk about some of the horrible things they’re thinking about doing to you, including leaving you tied up in a car trunk out in the desert. Sticking their feet in your face, they order you to lick their boots. Then, one at a time, they pull the boots off their incredibly sweaty feet and make you smell their socks. You can tell how bad the socks smell just from looking at them. They take the socks off and make you worship their bare feet. They stuff the dirty socks in your mouth and leave you there helpless, stopping to step on your face before they go. This is a really hot clip. You’ll feel like you’re actually at the girls feet. 16 minutes. Scene #FTMI0085
MP4 1920×1080

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