Bound and Terrorized Waitress – Lexi Belle and Loren Chance


Bound and Terrorized Waitress starring Lexi Belle and Loren Chance
Lexi gives a fine performance in this intense crime story! She looks incredibly cute in a black skirt, white blouse with bow tie and black pantyhose. She comes home and is quickly grabbed by a thug who clasps his hand over her mouth and threatens her. Pushed into the bedroom, Lexi is securely bound. Despite her pleading, she is gagged with cloth and left to struggle. She works her shoes off for some great foot shots. The villain returns, along with Loren who explains that she posed as Lexi so that she could commit a crime at Lexi’s restaurant. The two criminals decide to have some fun with their captive. Lexi is brought into another room blindfolded with her hands tied behind her. She is cruelly groped and humiliated by both her captors. The blindfold is removed and used as a gag. Lexi is partially stripped and the groping becomes even more intense. Finally, the two creeps discuss Lexi’s fate while she whimpers in terror. They decide to tie her very securely and leave her in a closet. Lexi’s arms and legs are sleeved in nylon stockings and bound. A cloth is shoved in her mouth, her pantyhose are pulled over her head and cloth is tied over her mouth. Loren harshly taunts Lexi before they close the closet door and leave her there, whimpering. The outtakes contain excellent footage of Lexi being tied up. Scene #BG0597

MP4 640×480. 29 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes.

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