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Bound and Hypnotized – Stacy Burke and Sammie Rhodes

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Bound and Hypnotized starring Sammie Rhodes and Stacy Burke
In this highly unusual blend of 2 genres (which was made as a custom for one of our customers), Stacy Burke is a gossipy reporter, dishing out the latest Hollywood dirt. Stacy does slanderous newscast about Sammie. Later, when Stacy is at home hanging out in a silver leotard and shiny tan hose, Sammie busts into her house to get revenge for the unsavory details Stacy reported. She instantly entrances Stacy with a flashing light, then poses her naked while she takes incriminating photos of her. Sammie searches Stacys house for embarrassing props, and she comes up with a hand full of goodies! She dresses Stacy in lots of sexy lingerie and poses her with a vibrator for more scandalous photos. Then she uses a special remote control which forces Stacy to orgasm, over and over. Sammie mummifies Stacy in silver duct tape and stuffs a huge, vicious ballgag in her mouth. She uses her special remote once more, forcing Stacy to climax inside her cocoon. Then she snaps Stacy out of her trance. Stacy is terrified and immediately begins to struggle and whimper. As Sammie is mocking the bound reporter, a burglar creeps up and grabs her. When we next see her, Sammie’s got a big ballgag of her own and her wrists and ankles are cuffed. The clever creep has hidden the key to her cuffs somewhere on Stacys duct taped body. If she wants to get free, she will have to find that key! Sexy hijinx ensue as Sammie uses her cuffed hands and feet to explore Stacys bound body. Later, when Stacy uses the remote to control her tv, she finds that it controls her. She ends up moaning with pleasure as the remote stimulates her. 54 minutes. Scene #STR0042
MP4 640×480. The photo set contains 102 photos.

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