Bound and Bratty – Celeste Star



Bound and Bratty starring Celeste Star
Celeste is cute and sexy in this fun tie up scene. She lies on her bed listening to music and does not even hear criminal Tim entering the house. Tim spies on Celeste for a minute then soaks a cloth in chloroform, pounces on her and knocks her out. Celeste wakes up on the living room floor bound with zipties. She is a spoiled brat and is very unhappy about being tied up. She bitches and complains while the burglar goes through her stuff. She orders him to release her. Instead, he stuffs one of her socks in her mouth and tapes her up. Celeste struggles and moans but, when the guy leaves, she knows she will be there for a long time. A couple of minutes of outtakes conclude the scene. 13 minutes. Scene #BG0718
MP4 1280×680

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