Boarding House – Celeste Star


Boarding House starring Celeste Star
Celeste could not be cuter and she looks her best in this thrilling scene. The brunette beauty rents a room from creepy Dave. That night, she strips naked and puts on some sexy red satin pajamas. She tries to sleep but keeps thinking someone is watching her. Finally she dozes off. But, when she opens her eyes, Dave is standing over her. He jumps on the bed, straddling her and forces a cloth over her mouth and nose. Celeste fights like hell, trying hard to push him off her. But, the drug does its work, Celeste’s eyes roll back and she passes out. Scooping her up in his arms, the lecherous landlord carries Celeste to a couch where he fondles and manipulates her exquisite body. He removes her pajamas and enjoys her nakedness, running his hands over her perfect skin and using her own hands to fondle her breasts. Left alone, Celeste awakens and sneaks out the door to the yard. But Dave sneaks up behind her and, in an excellent scene, chloroforms her and carries her back into the house. Scene #KOB0306
20 minutes. The photo set contains 90 photos. MP4 640×480

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