Bitter Rivals – Nina Neon and Anastasia Pierce


Bitter Rivals starring Nina Neon and Anastasia Pierce
Nina is a sexy superheroine named All-American Girl. Anastasia is the evil Black Widow. Nina comes to Anastasias secret lair hoping to capture her. But, Anastasia uses her mind control powers on Nina. Nina fights hard to stay in control but Anastasia is too powerful. Eventually, Ninas powers weaken, her eyes become glassy and she is in a deep trance. Nina is ordered to say I live to do your will at every command from Anastasia. To test her obedience, Anastasia commands Nina to walk around like a zombie and then to crawl on the floor. Nina obeys without hesitation. Anastasia orders Nina to tell her all of the secrets of the league of Superheroines. Nina reveals all, talking like a gossiping housewife. Then, Anastasia orders her to do a sexy striptease and show off her amazing body. Anastasia makes Nina worship her. They start grinding together and the scene gets really hot. Anastasias sexy black dom lingerie comes off and Nina sucks on her tits. After getting her kicks, Anastasia commands Nina to get dressed, go back to the Superheroine headquarters and return with some more secrets. Several days later, Nina zombie-walks back into Anastasias secret lair. But, it is a trick! Nina is no longer in a trance. She uses her own powers to put Anastasia in a trance. Once Anastasia is totally under Ninas control, Nina removes her own top and commands Anastasia to worship her. Once again, things get really hot. 23 minutes. Scene #SHHYP0015

MP4 640×480

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