Binding the Boss – Kobe Lee, Celeste Star


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Binding the Boss starring Kobe Lee and Celeste Star
Beautiful Kobe gives a fine performance as the innocent victim and Celeste Star is excellent as the sadistic villain in this hot bondage scene. The girls are real estate agents who are waiting at a house for a cash buyer to show up with his money. But Celeste and her boyfriend want the money so the hold the unsuspecting Kobe hostage. Celeste does a great job tying Kobe up in a chair. Despite her pleading, Kobe is gagged with packing and cloth between her teeth. After threatening her victim, Celeste leaves her there to struggle helplessly. Kobe tries hard to free herself but gets nowhere. Slipping the shoes off her stocking feet, she tries to hop away but Celeste catches her. She partially unties Kobe so that she can unbutton her blouse and grope her perfect tits. Kobe is terrified as Celeste cruelly discusses what she might do to her. To further humiliate her, Celeste takes her shoes off and sticks her sweaty stocking feet in Kobe’s face. She also rubs her feet all over Kobe’s breasts. In the bedroom, Kobe is ordered to remove her clothes. She begs not to be humiliated but Celeste threatens her again. Celeste uses Kobe’s pantyhose to gag her. Kobe ends up in a closet, tightly bound. Celeste gropes the helpless Kobe and leaves her to struggle. When she returns, she decides to make Kobe more miserable. She takes off her own pantyhose, pulls them over Kobe’s head (she’s still gagged with the nylons!) and ties another cloth over her mouth. She sadistically taunts Kobe before closing her in. Kobe struggles hard inside the closet but then hangs her head in despair. About 2 minutes of great outtakes are included. 36 minutes. Scene #BG0744

MP4 1280×680 The photo set has 86 photos.

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