BFF Chloroform Fantasy – Brooke Johnson and Ava Sinclaire


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BFF Chloroform Fantasy starring Brooke Johnson and Ava Sinclaire
Two incredibly hot women knock each other out with chloroform and enjoy each other’s bodies in this fun, sexy scene! In Clip 1, Brooke soaks a cloth in chloroform and waits for her roommate Ava to come home. When she does, Brooke pounces on her. Ava struggles hard while Brooke holds the cloth over her face. With her eyes fluttering, Ava passes out. Brooke puts her on the couch. And removes her shoes and socks. Then she starts fondling her limp friend, giving special attention to her luscious breasts and smooth belly. When Ava awakens, she is concerned. But then admits that she enjoyed it. The girls decide to continue playing. Ava sits on a shelf and soaks a cloth. When Brooke enters, she clasps the cloth over her face. Brooke squirms sensuously while she breathes the fumes. Pulling Ava’s hand off her, she staggers away. Ava follows her and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. Brooke ends up on the couch. After removing Brooke’s shoes and socks, Ava fondles her roomie. Brooke awakens and the girls talk about their next encounter. While Ava does laundry, Brooke soaks a cloth and waits. When Ava comes into the hall, Brooke chloroforms her. Ava is dragged to a chair. Brooke pulls off Ava’s top and thoroughly enjoys groping her and playing with her belly. When Ava awakens, Brooke knocks her out again. In Clip 2, the fun continues. While Brooke and Ava discuss their next knock out, Ava grabs the cloth and chloroforms the unsuspecting Brooke. She removes Brooke’s top and gropes her gorgeous body. Brooke wakes up and is quickly knocked out again. Next, Ava is in the bathroom doing her hair and Brooke waits for her, cloth in hand. Ava comes out and is chloroformed by Brooke. Ava is dragged to a bed where Brooke strips her down to her panties and gropes her body. When Ava begins to wake up, Brooke hides in the hall. She tries to chloroform Ava again…but Ava turns the tables…and the cloth on Brooke and knocks her out. She gropes the limp Brooke, enjoying her smooth skin. Brooke wakes up and the girls decide to chloroform each other. Kneeling face to face, they press the cloths to each other’s faces until they pass out and fall over on each other. The outtakes, which are sold separately, contain some great second camera footage, alternate shots of the knock outs and some fun stuff with the models joking around. Clip 1 is 37 minutes. Clip 2 is 26 minutes. The outtakes are 36 minutes. There is also a Photo Set with 197 photos. Scene #KOB0776

HD MP4 1920×1080

Clip 1 HD –  1.6GB
Clip 2 HD – 1.2GB
Outtakes HD – 1.3GB

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