Betrayed for Slavery – Rachel Adams and Alana Cruise



Betrayed for Slavery starring Rachel Adams and Alana Cruise
Two office friends go out for drinks with a supposedly trustworthy co-worker and end up knocked out and tied up!  In Clip 1, the girls enjoy a drink at the guy’s house and suddenly feel very tired. Alana stands and tries to wake up but falls to her knees before passing out on the floor.  Rachel tries to get away but can only stagger a few feet. She falls to her knees then falls unconscious next to her friend.  The girls wake up tightly bound and gagged with tape. They struggle for a few seconds before the scene fades out. A few fun outtakes are included with Clip 1.  In Clip 2, the girls continue struggling. The creep tells them that he is selling them as sex slaves! Left alone, they struggle hard. They remove their shoes and slide down to the floor where they crawl toward the door. Each girl tries to open the door with her feet. But the guy catches them. The terrified girls end up in their underwear in the back of the guy’s car. They struggle hard as he tells them they will be delivered to their new owner tonight. They whimper in fear as he closes them in. Clip 2 ends with some fun outtakes. Scene 1 is 12 minutes. Scene 2 is 13 minutes. Scene #KOTI0235

MP4 HD-1920×1080
Scene 1 HD-483MB
Scene 2 HD-543MB

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