Betrayed and Bound – Darby and Nina Neon


Betrayed and Bound starring Darby & Nina Neon
The evil Darby manipulates one of Nina’s devoted fans into betraying Nina. He fakes an emergency to lure her to Darbys evil headquarters, where Darby chloroforms the surprised superheroine. The two fondle Nina’s helpless body before binding her in leather cuffs and tight ropes. Once awake, she is subjected to more humiliation and molestation. Darby and the traitor squeeze Ninas beautiful tits and spank her ass as she struggles and whimpers through her ballgag. she is chloroformed again and will remain enslaved, perhaps forever! Darby looks incredible in a skin tight pvc catsuit and Nina is equally hot in a shiny spandex bodysuit. Outtakes include more of Nina getting chloroformed, more of Ninas tits and Nina getting tied up on camera behind the scenes. Scene #SHKT0001
14 minutes. The outtakes are 6 minutes. Photo set contains 125 photos. MP4 640×480

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