Beat Up in Blue – Celeste Star


Beat Up in Blue starring Celeste Star
Celeste looks incredible in a shiny blue leotard in this fun scene. She’s not really a superheroine in this scene…she’s more of a spy. Celeste arrives at the home of villain Tim Woodman. Tim sneaks up on her and hits her on the head with a club. Celeste collapses to the floor. Tim carries her in his arms to the sofa where he plays with her a bit and takes off her shoes. He uses smelling salts to wake her up. He questions the confused intruder. When she refuses to tell him why she’s there, he grabs her in a bearhug. She screams in pain as he lifts her off the floor. When she passes out, he lifts her in his arms and holds her for a while. He puts her on the sofa. When she awakens, he puts her in a sleeper hold. She fights hard but eventually passes out. She awakens and tries to flee but a blow to the head knocks her out cold. Tim plays with her limp body for a moment and does some eye checks. When she gets up again, another bearhug knocks her out. She wakes up later and almost makes it out the front door but Tim sneaks up and puts her in a choke hold. Celeste fights him but then falls to the floor unconscious. A minute of outtakes are included. 30 minutes. Scene #SHKO0040
MP4 1280×680.

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