Bearhugs, Chloro and Carries – Star Nine


Bearhugs, Chloro and Carries starring Star Nine
Star is always hot but she looks better than ever in a schoolgirl skirt, black pantyhose, heels and a tight white top. She is home practicing some dance moves when a scary villain enters and starts watching her. He soaks a cloth in chloroform and waits. Star sees him and is terrified. He attacks her, pushes her up against a wall and chloroforms her (really good eye work). Holding her against himself, the creep moves around the room, Star’s feet dragging on the floor. He picks her up over his shoulder and carries her around for quite a while, giving you some great ass shots of lovely Star. Occasionally, he fondles her nylon-clad ass. He puts her over the arms of a chair and plays with her ass some more. When Star awakens, the guy grabs her in a bear hug and knocks her out (great close ups of Star’s face). He picks her up and carries her around for a long time before putting her down for more ass-play. Star’s hands are then bound behind her and she is carried around some more. About 2 minutes of outtakes are included. They contain a complete scene where Star is knocked out with a bearhug.

The scene is 18 minutes. The photo set contains 83 photos.


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