Banned by YouTube 2 – Sinn Sage and Georgia Jones


Banned by YouTube 2 starring Sinn Sage and Georgia Jones
This light-hearted scene is half bondage video, half comedy sketch. We put it up on YouTube and they took it down, even though there is no nudity or anything offensive in it! College students Sinn and Georgia make a web show where they take dares from viewers. Strangely, all of the viewers who write in claim to be young women but have male names…and they all request fetish dares! In this episode, the girls are dared to cover each other’s mouths with their feet and try to talk. They do it and each girl must endure having the other girls socked foot over her mouth. Then, the girls gag each other by tying socks between their teeth and try to talk some more. In the final dare, Sinn tapes Georgia up, wraps her in plastic wrap and tapes her mouth. When Georgia fails to get loose within the time limit, Sinn takes off her dirty sock, stuffs it in Georgias mouth and tapes her mouth! Both girls are insanely cute and very, very funny! Scene #BG0531
16 minutes. MP4 640×480

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