Babysitter Gets Bound – Samantha Ryan


Babysitter Gets Bound starring Samantha Ryan
Samantha is a very naive babysitter who gets tied up on the job in these 3 fun stories. Samantha talks to the camera as if it is the young man she is taking care of, Damian. First, in skirt, blouse, pantyhose and heels, she foolishly agrees to be be bound as part of a magic trick. She ends up securely bound with lots of rope and gagged with cloth. She struggles a lot and kicks her shoes off but can not get free. Finally, after a bit of hopping, she frees herself and leaves in anger. Next, Samantha agrees to babysit again and, of course, ends up on the floor with her hands tied to her ankles. She looks great in shiny black leggings that match her gag. She squirms around for a while and does some hopping before freeing herself. When she returns, this time in tight jeans, she makes the mistake of drinking a drugged drink. She passes out and wakes up securely bound and gagged. Enraged, she struggles hard but can not get loose. She works the shoes off her stocking feet and hops around. When she finally gets free, she yells angrily at Damian. The outtakes contain footage of Samantha being tied up by guest rigger Mary Jane. Scene #BG0598

MP4 640×480. 35 minutes. The outtakes are 8 minutes.

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