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B and D with Jewell Marceau and Tori Sinclair

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B and D with Jewell Marceau and Tori Sinclair
Sexy business executive Tori is not satisfied with beautiful employee Jewell’s performance at work. In clip 1, Tori summons Jewell to her house for some hot disciplinary action. When Jewell arrives, Tori is already dressed in PVC dominatrix apparel. Tori commands Jewell to change into a tempting PVC corset, revealing her luscious body in the process (naturally, Tori cops a feel of Jewell’s amazing tits). Once she has got Jewell’s arms bound together behind her back, Tori silences her protests with a red ball gag. From there, Tori does some groping and boob sucking and bites Jewell’s tit hard enough to leave some serious teeth marks. She then proceeds to make Jewell lay across her lap for a spanking before forcing her to lick her boots. Tori has got Jewell dressed in white lingerie and tan sheer nylons, tied to the bed and gagged with white tape. Tori, now dressed entirely in sheer black nylon, pulls Jewell’s top down to grope, slap and suck her tits. She plants a big wet kiss on her gag, leaving a lipstick stain. Then she starts tickling her armpits and waste for a while before leaving her there to suffer. Later, when Tori comes back, Jewell has escaped from her bound and is waiting for her. She uses Toris rope to choke her until she is knocked out. In clip 2, Jewell is in Tori’s dom apparel and she is got her tied up on the couch. She gags her with a black cleave and starts tormenting and groping her. She fondles Tori over her see-though outfit and even rubs her pretty bare foot on her tits. Jewell pulls down Toris top then makes her get on the floor to worship her feet and ass. She squeezes Tori’s tits so hard she is in pain. We are treated to seeing both Jewell and Tori tied up in the living room wearing PVC outfits and high heels. They tumble and writhe around, moaning in desperation and losing their shoes in the process. The outtakes contain plenty of great shots of the girls being tied by Jack Banner and joking around between scenes. Scene #BG0296

MP4 640×480. Clip 1 is 37 minutes. Clip 2 is 21 minutes. The outtakes are 15 minutes.

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