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Ava On the Kitchen Counter – Ava Sinclaire

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Ava On the Kitchen Counter starring Ava Sinclaire
Cute and sexy Ava talks to a friend on the phone, unaware that villain Tim Woodman is in the house and spying on her. When Ava goes to the kitchen, Tim sneaks up and chloroforms her. Ava is almost out when she breaks free and runs. But Tim catches her and chloroforms her into unconsciousness.  He puts her on the counter and gropes her luscious body. When Ava awakens, he chloroforms her again then strips off her dress for more fondling. Ava is carried to the bathroom and left, unconscious and naked, in the tub. This scene looks great and has a dramatic, cinematic quality. The incredible outtakes (which are included) contain lots of unused footage from the scene. Plus lots of footage from a second camera – so you get alternate angles of the chloroformings and groping. 23 minutes – half is the scene, half is the outtakes. Scene #KOB0780

HD MP4 1920×1080 (950MB)

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