Auctioned to the Highest Bidder – Kitty Cam and Agatha Delicious


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Auctioned to the Highest Bidder starring Kitty Cam and Agatha Delicious
Kitty met Agatha at a night club and foolishly agreed to come home with her. But Agatha has a nefarious plan in mind. She hits Kitty with a club, knocking her out. Kitty awakens securely bound. Agatha gags her, gropes her and tells her that she plans to hold an auction and sell Kitty as a sex slave. Left alone, Kitty struggles hard but can’t free herself. Later, Kitty, in sexy lingerie is bound and ball-gagged. Agatha torments her some more then starts live-streaming the auction. She cruelly taunts Kitty while taking bids from men online. Kitty is sold and ends up tightly bound in the back of a car and struggles helplessly. Agatha tells her that she will now be delivered to her new owner and closes her in. This is a really hot scene with 2 great performers! The outtakes, which are sold separately, include some unused footage, some scenes of the models joking around and some great second camera footage which gives you alternate angles of the action. The scene is 31 minutes. Outtakes are 37 minutes. The Photo Set has 77 photos. Scene #BG0895

HD MP4 1920×1080
Scene – 1.4GB
Outtakes – 1.7GB

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