Assassins of Limpness – Part 3 – Diana Grace and Lola Anderson



Assassins of Limpness – Part 3

Starring Diana Grace and Lola Anderson

The final 2 scenarios in this series that combine sleepy fetish and death fetish. In the first story, Lola is attacked by Diana in her kitchen. Diana grabs Lola around the neck and chokes her till she falls limp. Lola ends up on the kitchen counter and Diana plays with her face and her limp limbs. Left alone, Lola awakens and tries to stagger away. But assassin Diana fires a pellet into Lola’s chest. Lola gasps and goes still in Diana’s arms. Diana plays with Lola a bit more and leaves her. In the second story, Lola sneaks into Diana’s kitchen and fires a dart at her. Diana staggers and falls to the floor. Her eyes roll back and she goes limp. Lola plays with her, stroking her hair and her face. When Diana awakens, Lola soaks a cloth and applies it to Diana’s face. Diana struggles feebly and goes limp. Diana is laid out on the kitchen counter and Lola plays with her limp limbs and strokes her face. Diana awakens and, not wanting to be taken prisoner, she takes poison. Lola tries to revive her but Diana goes limp for good. A few minutes of fun outtakes are included. 24 minutes. Scene #KOB0743

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