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Assassins of Limpness – Part 2 – Diana Grace and Lola Anderson

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Assassins of Limpness – Part 2

Starring Diana Grace and Lola Anderson

Part 2 of these hot scenes that combine sleepy fetish and death fetish. Diana and Lola have just graduated from an elite spy school and now they confess that they have fantasies of capturing each other. In the first fantasy, Lola is brushing her hair when Diana runs in and warns her that she’s in danger. Before going with Diana, Lola puts on some lipstick…but it’s poisoned! Diana tries to rush Lola out of the house but Lola collapses to her knees, gasping for breath. Lola’s eyes roll and she falls to the floor, dead. Diana caresses Lola’s limp body. Then, she puts her in the bathtub and leaves. In the second story, Diana is napping on the couch when Lola sneaks in, handgags her and gives her an injection. Diana’s eyes flutter and she goes limp. Lola plays with Diana’s limp body, caressing her hair and face. She partially strips Diana. When Diana awakens, Lola kisses her and gives her another shot..this one is deadly! Diana’s eyes roll back and she gasps for air before going still. Lola caresses her body and face then puts her lifeless body in the bathtub and leaves her. 17 minutes. Scene #KOB0742

HD MP4 1920×1080 (751MB)

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