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Assassins of Limpness – Part 1 – Diana Grace, Lola Anderson

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Assassins of Limpness – Part 1 starring Diana Grace and Lola Anderson
Two unusual stories combining limp fetish and assassin/executrix fetish. If you’re not into assassin fetish, you can get an edited version of the clip which contains only the sleepy parts of the scene. Please read the clip information carefully before ordering.
Diana and Lola have just graduated from an exclusive spy school. They both confess that they have been having fantasies about capturing each other.
In the first fantasy, Diana is hiding, waiting for Lola. She soaks a cloth in chloroform and pounces on Lola when she enters.  Lola fights hard but then her eyes flutter she goes limp. Diana slides Lola to the floor and begins fondling her, caressing her face and hair. She moves Lola to a chair. When Lola awakens, Diana holds a bottle of chloroform under her nose. Lola resists but then falls unconscious. Diana strips Lola to her underwear and fondles her some more. Lola awakens and suddenly, is hit in the leg with a poison dart. She starts gasping for breath and collapses to the floor. When Lola becomes still, Diana checks her pulse but sees that she is dead.

In the second fantasy, Diana smells some pretty flowers. But they’re drugged and Diana suddenly becomes tired. Her eyes flutter and she falls to the floor. She tries to stay awake but then passes out. Lola enters and fondles her, stroking her hair and face. When Diana awakens, Lola soaks a cloth in chloroform and applies it to Diana’s face. Diana’s eyes roll back and she slips into unconsciousness. Lola moves her to a chair and uses her phone to take a photo of her eye. She strips Diana down to her underwear. Diana awakens and slides down to the floor. Suddenly, the choker she is wearing around her neck begins to tighten. Lola tries to save her but Diana gasp loudly before she dies, her eyes open. Lola closes Diana’s eyes and sits her up against a wall before leaving. Scene #KOB0741

The Full Scene is 27 minutes and includes a few minutes of outtakes.

MP4 HD 1920×1080 (1.2GB)

The Special Edit clip (-sped) is 19 minutes and includes a few minutes of outtakes.

MP4 HD 1920×1080 (876MB)

It contains only the sleepy action…it does not have any of the death fetish. So Story 1 ends just before the poison dart scene and Story 2 ends just before the choker scene.

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