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Assassin Meets Her Match – Eva Long and Violet October


Assassin Meets Her Match starring Eva Long and Violet October
PLEASE NOTE: This clip is different from our usual scenes. It contains a few scenes of Eva snapping Violet’s neck. The neck-breakings are not particularly realistic or nasty but some viewers may not like them.
Two of our favorite recent models star in this exciting and extremely erotic story of sleepy submission! In Clip 1, sexy assassin Violet sneaks into the home of retired spy Eva. But Eva is ready and grabs Violet around the neck. A lengthy struggle ensues with Eva totally taking charge. Violet gasps for air as Eva grasps her more tightly. Violet goes limp. Eva turns to the camera and talks to you, complaining that you should have warned her about Violet. Eva talks to you a few times during the video, telling you what she plans to do to Violet. Eva opens Violet’s shirt and sensuously plays with her tits. She kisses and licks her nipples, body and mouth. Violet is stripped to her panties. Eva strips too and begins playing with Violet’s hot body, kissing and caressing her all over. Violet is asleep but she wakes up slightly and moans with pleasure. In Clip 2, Eva becomes more passionate and Violet moans louder. When Eva is satisfied, she smothers Violet with a pillow until she is totally unconscious. Eva decides to eliminate Violet by breaking her neck. Holding her head in her hands, she jerks her head from side to side and Violet goes limp. Eva coldly walks away. This clip has 2 alternate endings! In ending #2, Violet wakes up and attempts to escape. Eva grabs her in a choke hold. Violet gasps for air but finally goes limp. Eva decides to dispose of Violet. She grabs her head with her hands and jerks her head from side to side. Violet goes limp. Eva shows you how limp Violet’s neck is by moving her head from side to side. In #3, Violet wakes up and staggers out of the room. Eva follows her and grabs her around the neck. Violet gasps for breath. Eva drags her back to the bedroom and applies enough pressure to make her go limp. Then, she jerks Violet’s head from side to side, making her go limp. This is a really hot clip. Eva’s cute/evil character is very appealing and it’s fun when she talks to the camera. Scene #KOB0648

The full scene is 38 minutes, Clip 1 is 23 minutes, Clip 2 is 16 minutes. MP4 is 1920×1080.

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