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Ashley Lane’s Nylon Knock Outs

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Ashley Lane’s Nylon Knock Outs starring Ashley Lane
Ashley is captured repeatedly in this hot pantyhose sleep clip that features lots of eye checks and carries! In Part 1, Superheroine Ashley wakes up naked and is angry that the villain put her to sleep. She considers the possibility that her new superheroine uniform will help next time. Ashley dresses in her sexy business outfit and doesn’t realize that villainous Jon is sneaking up on her. He grabs her and holds the cloth to her face. Ashley struggles hard but soon her eyes roll back and she goes limp. Ashley is carried to another room where Jon fondles and plays with her body, especially her legs and feet. Ashley awakens several times and is put to sleep again each time. Henchman Tim shows up and carries Ashley to an examining table. Ashley is stripped, fondled, tied up, gagged and put to sleep again. In Part 2, Ashley, who is bound and gagged, is given an injection in her butt. But, she wakes up and the villain uses a cloth to put her out again. Ashley is fondled some more and is put to sleep again when she wakes up. Left alone, Ashley awakens and puts on her superheroine outfit. She gets into a fight with Tim who grabs her in a bearhug. Then Jon applies the cloth repeatedly to her face while questioning her. Tim carries Ashley’s limp body to the bedroom and strips her. He questions Ashley while applying the cloth to her face. She tries to escape again but Tim grabs her in a bearhug. Tim uses the cloth on Ashley a couple more times before carrying her away. The outtakes include lots of unused footage from the cloth scenes as well as fun footage of the cast and crew behind the scenes. Scene #KOB0716

HD MP4 1920 x 1080
Part 1 – 32 minutes – 1.27GB
Part 2 – 28 minutes – 1.25GB
Outtakes – 10 minutes – 610MB

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