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Ashley in Slavery – Ashley Lane

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Ashley in Slavery starring Ashley Lane and Violet October
Ashley is a beautiful college girl. She’s held captive and kept in tight bondage in this thrilling bondage drama! Ashley, looking hot in skirt and heels, goes to see model agent Mr. Donovan to inquire about her missing sister. Ashley demands to know where her sister is but Donovan overpowers her and takes her captive. Ashley is bound with rope and pleads with her cruel captor. Despite her begging, Donovan packs her mouth and tapes her up. Ashley is told that her sister has been sold as a slave and Ashley will soon join her! Left alone, Ashley struggles hard but can not free herself. Donovan returns and gropes his captive. Ashley whimpers in humiliation. Donovan slices Ashley’s top off so he can grope her naked tits. A client shows up and he and Donovan discuss Ashley’s fate. The guy is left alone with Ashley. He gropes her body and taunts her. Then Ashley is in hot lingerie with hose and heels. A ballgag silences her protests. Donovan cruelly taunts her, gropes her and leads her around on a leash. The client returns and briefly fondles Ashley before blindfolding her and leaving her. Later, Ashley is naked and bound with lots of silver tape. Donovan taunts her again, telling her that she will soon be taken to her new owner. He packs her mouth and wraps the tape around her head. Ashley is left to squirm and struggle on the floor. Her captor returns and tells her it’s time to go. Next, Ashley is naked and ballgagged in the back of a car, her hands bound. Donovan takes her into the house and Ashley is shocked to see her sister Violet bound and ballgagged. Though bound and gagged, the girls have a tearful reunion, embracing and whimpering. Donovan ties the girls together face to face and leaves them to struggle. Later, he removes their gags. The girls talk about the horrors they’ve been through. They make a plan to escape and take revenge can they do it?! The lengthy outtakes contain lots of footage of Ashley being tied up and talking about being tied up. Some of the tying segments are quite long.

This is a really hot scene. Ashley is incredible to look at and her acting is top notch. Violet is a fine damsel. Donovan makes a particularly sadistic villain, psychologically tormenting his helpless captive. Scene #BG0780

MP4 1920×1080. The full scene is 48 minutes (1.5GB). The Outtakes are 20 minutes.

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