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Ariel’s Anxiety – Ariel Anderssen

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Ariel’s Anxiety starring Ariel Anderssen
Ariel had an anxiety attack at work so her employer sends her to Dr. Tim for some therapy. Tim suggests putting her in a trance. Ariel is incredulous but agrees to try it. He swings a shiny watch in front of her face and, speaking in a calm voice, puts Ariel in a trance. Once she is under his control, Tim decides to have some fun. He commands Ariel to become a horse. When he snaps his fingers, she moves around the room like a horse, making horse-like sounds. Ariel is then ordered to become a terrible gossip. She tells Tim all the secrets she knows about her co-workers. Ariel is then commanded to strip to her pantyhose and become a ballerina. She does as she is told and does some great ballet moves. Tim then orders her to sit down so he can grope her sexy tits. Ariel is brought out of the trance and is told to go back to work naked. She does as she is commanded. Scene #STR0122
16 minutes. MP4 640 x 480

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