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Anything Goes – Jolene Hexx and Dresden

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Anything Goes starring Jolene Hexx and Dresden.
A fun hit-on-head story featuring great performances by two hot girls. There’s plenty of eye-rolling when the girls get hit. At the office, Jolene finds out that Dresden stole one of her accounts. She tells Dresden that the office has no rules…anything goes. Later, she sneaks up on Dresden and smacks her with a club. Dresden falls into her chair and Jolene opens up her clothes and leaves her in a weird position. Dresden awakens, horribly embarrassed to find the boss yelling at her. Seeking revenge, Dresden sneaks up on Jolene and smacks her. She puts Jolene in an embarrassing position and leaves her. When Jolene wakes up, she has to explain to the boss why she was sleeping. He doesn’t buy her lame explanation and gives her a warning. Jolene waits for Dresden outside the bathroom and uses the club on her. Dresden staggers around and takes 2 more hits before going limp. Jolene partially strips Dresden and puts her panties on her head. Just as Dresden is waking up, the boss comes in and fires her. Dresden wants revenge and uses the club on Jolene. Jolene falls to the floor. But the boss smacks Dresden and she falls on top of Jolene. A couple of minutes of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0622

The scene is 16 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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