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Angie and Her Admirer – Angie Savage

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Angie and Her Admirer starring Angie Savage
Looking really hot in a short black dress and high heels, Angie relaxes at home, unaware that an intruder is watching her. The guy soaks a cloth (the cloth gets really wet) and waits. When Angie walks into the kitchen, he emerges and attacks her. Angie fights him but soon becomes weak. With the creep groping her ample tits, she passes out and is dragged out. Placed on the couch, Angies tits and body are groped and played with. She is dragged to the bed and stripped to her panties for more fondling. When Angie awakens, she is horrified. She screams loudly and fights the guy but he clasps the cloth over her face and puts her to sleep again. He pulls off her panties as the scene ends. About 2 minutes of outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOB0408
17 minutes. The photo set contains 93 photos. MP4 640×480

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