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Amber Michaels Knocked Out Collection

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Amber Michaels Knocked Out Collection
An assortment of clips and photos featuring one of our hottest models!
You’ll get:

KOB0002 Knocked Out in a Black Dress
Blonde hottie Amber enters the villains hideout wearing a skin-tight black spandex dress, heels and sheer tan pantyhose. She enters the room cautiously but the villain is cunning and he pops out from behind her and hits her over the head, knocking her unconscious. He pulls her dress down, revealing her breasts and hikes up her skirt showing her panty-less crotch through her nylons. He starts squeezing and kissing her lush fleshy tits until she starts to wake up. The villain hides behind her as she is coming to, then knocks her out again so he can continue to have his way with her. The scene is 4 minutes. The photo set contains 22 photos.

KOB0003 Hidden Agenda
Amber is hanging out with a platonic friend after a party, telling him how safe she feels around him, when the sly bastard drugs her drink. They continue to talk while Amber starts to feel the sleepy effects of the drug. She yawns excessively and becomes quite disoriented. When she tries to stand up, she falls back down on the couch. it is not long before she is out cold, and that’s when things really heat up! Her friend gropes her luscious tits, pinching her nipples through her tiny dress. Then he pulls her top down and her skirt up so he has access to her succulent tits and ass. He poses her on the couch and takes off her panties and shoes. He manipulates her own hands to make her fondle herself. When she starts to come to, he watches with cruel amusement at her bewilderment, then tells her she was throwing herself at him in a drunken stupor. She stupidly consumes more of the drugged beverage and falls over unconscious again. The scene is 19 minutes. The photo set contains 50 photos.

KOB0004 Knocked Out in a Nightie
Amber is sexy and sensational in this multiple knock out scene! she is lounging at home in an unbelievable hot pink nightie when she gets a scary, disturbing phone call. She starts to look around the room suspiciously when a beefy intruder grabs her from behind and chloroforms her. He drags her over to the couch to grope and molest her limp body. He exposes her tits and pussy as he licks and manhandles her delicious flesh. He poses her limbs and makes her touch herself with her own lifeless hands. Just when he is carrying her off, she wakes up and has to be chloroformed again. The drug does not take long to knock her out the second time around. The intruder lays her on the floor and continues to molest her before carrying her back to the couch. He manipulates her body and tosses her around like an incredibly sexy puppet. She awakens a third time and is once again chloroformed and dragged to the couch for more fondling. The scene is 16 minutes. The photo set contains 83 photos.

 39 total minutes and 155 photos. Collection #PKKOB0001

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