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All American Knock Out – Charlie Laine

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All American Girl Knock Out starring Charlie Laine
Superheroine All-American Girl (Charlie) is too hot for words in her flag-themed costume. She gets a distress call telling her that the evil Dr. Miracolo has escaped from prison again. She is just about to set out to stop him when he shows up at her house along with a henchman and some super-chloroform! Dr. Miracolo holds All-American Girl tight while his henchman covers her face with a chloroform soaked rag. Her eyes flutter as she gets dizzy. She puts up a good fight, breaking free from the villains several times. But she is finally finished off when Dr. Miracolo knocks her out by hitting her over the head with a blackjack. After manipulating her limbs for a while, they flip her over and check out her amazing ass. The henchman lifts her up to carry her off the their secret lair. She wakes up in his arms and he stands her up straight. They give her a chance to flee, but she is too disoriented from the chloroform. Dr. Miracolo hits her over the head repeatedly with his blackjack. She stumbles around the house until the henchman snatches her and chloros her until she is severely weakened. Then Dr. Miracalo finishes her off with the blackjack. She falls to the floor unconscious. Then, All American Girl wakes up and tries to get away but is quickly put back to sleep with a blow to the head. They strip her down to her tiny panties. The henchman sniffs her boots and plays with her feet. When she wakes up again, she is tied to a chair. The henchman gives her several small doses of chloroform as she gradually succumbs to its effects. Then, Dr. Miracolo finishes the job by repeatedly pistol whipping her. She comes to and unties herself, but the villains are back before she has a chance to escape. Once more, she is knocked out using the the blackjack. The bad guys tie her up while she is unconscious, then carry her away with them. 19 minutes.  Scene #SHKO0021
MP4 981×720.

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