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Acting Scared starring Mary Jane Green

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Acting Scared starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane is an actress. She calls dungeon owner Dave and asks him to kidnap her to help her prepare for a movie role as a kidnap victim. Later, she waits patiently for him to arrive, not knowing that he has been stalking her through the house. When she least expects it, he sneaks up and knocks her out with a vicious blow to the head. Dave decides to take advantage of the situation and he fondles and gropes his helpless victim. He strips off her beautiful dress, leaving her in just her garter belt and stockings, poses her in some provocative positions and takes photos. He carries her to the bedroom and begins tying her. Mary Jane wakes up bound to the bed with her arms and legs spread. Since she had not consented to being knocked out or stripped, she is horrified and tries to scream through her ball gag. Dave enjoys his victims helplessness. He taunts her and fondles her body and takes more photos. Then, he leaves Mary Jane there, struggling helplessly. Mary Jane describes her ordeal to a friend on the phone. Dave sneaks in again and, as soon as she hangs up, he clobbers her with a club, knocking her out. Mary Jane awakens in just her lingerie and stockings, bound on the bed with a ball gag in her mouth. Dave torments her with a riding crop and fondles her. He humiliates her by pulling her bra down then takes more photos. When he steps out, Mary Jane frees herself and tries to run. But Dave is waiting and knocks her out with one last hit to the head. Scene #KOTI0130
52 minutes. The photo set contains 153 photos. MP4 640×480

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