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Abused in a Villians Lair – Darby & Sinn

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Abused in a Villains Lair starring Darby and Sinn Sage
Sinn is sexy and good; Darby is sultry and evil. Sinn creeps into Darbys hideout wearing a tiny blue costume with a revealing thong back. She quickly falls victim to Darbys sneaky net attack. Ensnared in the ultra-strong net, Sinn is knocked out with mega-potent superheroine chloroform. As she slowly passes out in Darbys evil arms, her eyes flutter and roll up into her head. Darby, in an outrageously hot and sinister corset, toys with Sinn’s inert body. Sinn wakes up in tight, elaborate bondage. She struggles, whines, and soon gets a fat cleave gag to shut her up. Darby pulls down the front of Sinn’s costume to grope her sweet tits. After the fondling, Darby decides to chloroform Sinn so she can tie her in a different positon. Sinn is spread and bound in a standing position, completely naked. She struggles against her cuffs and wimpers through a big red ball gag. Then saucy sadist Darby returns to dole out some abuse with a riding crop. Sinn is eventually ungagged and pleads to be let go, but all she gets is a chloroform rag over her face. Sinn struggles but ultimately succumbs to the potent fumes. 26 minutes. Scene #SHKT0002
MP4 640×480

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