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A Date With a Superheroine – Diana Grace

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A Date With a Superheroine starring Diana Grace
Diana is beautiful and charming in this fun POV scene that combines bondage and chloroform. She plays Power Woman, a crime-fighter who is raising money for a charity. Whoever raises the most will win a date with her. The winners end up being a troop of Adventure Scouts. Diana goes on a date with them and, while playing a game, they throw a rope around her. Diana suggests that they tie her up more securely. Once her hands and feet are bound, she suggests a gag and she is soon silenced. Diana happily poses for photos. But she’s a bit upset when they leave her there helplessly bound and gagged. After more struggling, the Troop Leader shows up. Diana expects to be freed but the guy has other ideas. He soaks a cloth in chlorotica – a mixture of chemicals that will make her both sleepy and horny.  Each time he holds the cloth to Diana’s face, her eyes flutter and she moans with pleasure. He continues to apply the cloth over and over, making Diana more sleepy and aroused. He also fondles Diana’s luscious body and stocking feet. Finally, Diana passes out.  She awakens tied to a bed. The guy straps a ballgag in her mouth and continues pressing the cloth to her face, fondling her the whole time. Diana gets very tired but still moans with orgasmic pleasure. Finally, the fumes are too strong and Diana passes out.  The exciting outtakes contain only bondage…sorry, no sleepy stuff. It’s mostly Diana posing for photos and some second camera footage of her in bondage. The Scene is 39 minutes. Outtakes are 16 minutes. Scene #SHKT0053

MP4 – HD 1920×1080
Scene – 1.5GB
Outtakes – 600MB

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