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A Burglar in the House – Ava Sinclaire

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A Burglar in the House starring Ava Sinclaire
Ava is cute as hell in this hot POV scene. Sexy Ava comes home to find her place burglarized…and the thief is still there! Ava pleads with him to not hurt her and suggests he can tie her up. She gets some rope for him and even takes her top off, revealing her large luscious breasts.  Ava ends up bound to a chair. The guy leaves her there and she squirms around in her ropes, complaining about how tightly she’s bound.  After a while, she frees herself but the guy catches her. He orders Ava to remove her shorts, leaving her in just her panties. Ava ends up bound on her bed, gagged with a cloth between her teeth.  She struggles, squirming around on the bed.  When she finally gets loose, she runs to her phone and calls the cops. But the burglar catches her. Ava is ordered to remove her skimpy panties and is then bound with her hands over her head and gagged. She struggles and whimpers through her gag until the police arrive.  The clip ends with about 2 minutes of fun outtakes. 33 minutes. Scene #BG0868

HD MP4 1920×1080 1.3GB

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