Wrestling Rivals – Jackie Ashe and Genesis Skye


Wrestling Rivals starring Jackie Ashe and Genesis Skye
Several chloroform scenes, carries, drags and a cool cat fight highlight this outrageous scene. First, sexy blonde Flame Thrower (Genesis) and her male cohort kidnap Mr. Steeles girlfriend, Iron Maiden (Jackie) to force him to throw a wrestling match. Flame Thrower attacks Iron Maiden in the bathroom of her house and chloroforms her. Then her burly companion carries the Maidens limp body away. While unconscious, Maiden is cruelly fondled by the sexy and savage Flame Thrower. Maiden wakes up and is promptly chloroformed again. Then, Flame Thrower strips and molests the lifeless body of her brunette nemesis. When Maiden wakes up again and tries to escape, a hot cat fight ensues. Iron maiden puts up quite a fight but she is choked into unconsciousness by Flame Thrower. The guy returns and puts Maiden in a closet for safe-keeping. Weeks later, she is still there. And, when she makes too much noise, he knocks her out with chloroform. Outtakes feature alternate takes of the chloroform knock outs, more nudity and more cat fighting. Scene #KOB0110

18 minutes. Outtakes are 8 minutes. The Photo Set contains 240 photos. MP4 640×480

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