We Found This Chloroform in Your Room – Jolene Hexx and Jenna Noelle


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We Found This Chloroform in Your Room starring Jolene Hexx and Jenna Noelle
The girls look incredible in this sexy POV scene. You come home from work to find that your roommates have discovered a bottle of chloroform in your room. They are suspicious and question you about it. But, soon they are intrigued by it and decide to try it themselves. Jenna stands and prepares herself while Jolene soaks the cloth. Jolene clasps the cloth over her friend’s face. Jenna struggles a bit but then her eyes flutter and she passes out. Jolene puts Jenna on the sofa and talks to you while she fondles Jenna. She strips Jenna to her panties and licks her nipples and body. When Jenna awakens, Jolene quickly knocks her out again. Later, Jenna wakes up and says she enjoyed her experience. Now it’s Jolene’s turn. Jenna soaks the cloth and chloroforms Jolene. Jolene is placed on the couch and Jenna gropes her beautiful body. She strips her and licks her tits. Jolene awakens and the girls decide they want to have some more chloroform fun. They sit facing each other and apply the cloth to each other’s face, knocking each other out. Scene #KOB0788

The scene is 38 minutes and includes 10 minutes of excellent outtakes. They contain lots of alternate takes of the chloroformings. There is also a 9 minute Outtakes Clip which is sold separately. It contains second camera footage so you’ll get alternate angles of the action. The Photo Set contains 99 photos.

HD MP4 1920×1080

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