Undercover Escort – Charlie Laine


Undercover Escort starring Charlie Laine
Charlie Laine stars as a beautiful young reporter who goes undercover as an escort to expose a white slavery ring. Charlie applies at the service but, during the interview, evil Loren sneaks up on her. Before she knows it, Charlie is securely bound with tape. Loren gags Charlie with a cloth and some packing and begins to torment her. She pulls Charlies dress down and fondles her tits. Loren cruelly taunts Charlie, telling her what her future will be like as a slave. The abuse becomes more intense as Charlie is smacked with a riding crop and is fondled relentlessly. Loren bends her over an ottoman for some more of the riding crop and a good old fashioned spanking. Charlies supple ass cheeks turn bright red. Now realizing what she has gotten herself into, Charlie whimpers beneath her gag. When the head slaver comes to the realization that Charlie is a reporter, he and Loren decide they must get rid of her. They leave Charlie in the custody of Dave, a demented man with a sadistic streak. While she is tied naked to a medical table, Dave clamps electric cables to Charlies nipples and administers electric shocks. Charlie squeals and shakes violently in pain. Dave continues to torment her for quite a while. When he leaves the room, Charlie struggles to free herself. Will the feisty reporter survive?! The included outtakes feature Loren Chance tying Charlie to the hospital table. Scene #BG0419

32 minutes. The photo set contains 80 photos. MP4 640×480

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