Training the New Girl – Charlotte Stokely


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Training the New Girl starring Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte looks incredible and does some fine dazed acting in this fun, sexy mind control scene (with sleepy elements). Charlotte comes in to train for a new job. She’s a bit confused when boss Tim Woodman asks her to turn around and show off her figure for him. She’s even more confused when he insists that she drink a cup of unusual tasting water. Charlotte is seated in front of a computer. Through headphones, Charlotte hears the instructor speaking to her in a soothing voice. Instead of giving her job training, the voice keeps telling her to relax. Then, Charlotte reads the information on the screen which also tells her to relax. Gradually, with her eyes looking heavy, she goes into a semi-asleep state. Tim returns and tells Charlotte to stand and tell him that she will obey. She does as she is told. He then tells her to sit down and go to sleep. When she does, he does some eye checks and takes the opportunity to fondle her luscious tits. He then wakes her up but she is still in a trance and under his control. She is ordered to stand and get undressed. She is told to play with her breasts and to pull her panties up to give herself a wedgie! With her gorgeous eyes wide and glassy, she is made to stick her hand in her panties and play with herself. After Charlotte gets dressed, Tim slowly brings her out of the trance. Charlotte says she is excited about the job and leaves. Scene #STR0135
The scene is 21 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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